"Why am I going back?"    "The why of the trip comes first ..."    "In America, I learned to smile."

We have started recording the stories of the travelers we meet.  Whether travel stories spring from joy or sorrow, result in change or status quo, they always give vicarious pleasure.  In one episode, Freya explains why she never wants two ovens.  In another, Nigel takes his son to Ghana to teach him the meaning of wealth.  Ophirah has made not one but two pilgrimages to Liverpool.  A pair of refugees recount their escape from Syria.  We hope listening like this evaporates borders.

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All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.
— Martin Buber


Upcoming episodes:

Best Friends for the Week—Switzerland, Where Alexa Fell in Love with Google Translate

The Lucky Note—Málaga, Where Ann-Sophie's Friend Took Her on a Surprise Trip

A Sickness—New Caledonia, Where Frederic Hunted Bats

The Art of Listening—Liverpool, Where Ophirah's Made Not One But Two Pilgrimages

Little Hello Honks—Ghana, Where Nigel Took His Son to Learn about Wealth

The Hostel Grampa—Nicaragua, Where Kai Found Maternal Solace

Two Ovens—Indonesia, Where Freya Learned the Risk of Travel

Able to Look Forward—Portugal, Where Flore Fell in Love with a German Boy



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