PJ Murphy dresses like a chemist to greet the visitors to Sweny’s Pharmacy who come to Dublin to experience James Joyce’s novel, Ulysses. At Kennedy’s Pub and Station across the street—that Joyce surely visited as well—before a lovely warm live audience, I asked how PJ ended up at the center of such a moving literary pilgrimage ... and hope listening like this evaporates borders. Special thanks to the musician Dana Boulé.

Westin’s Fund is a foundation started by my brother and his wife to help cover the medical costs of families who lose children to miscarriage and stillbirth. There’s no better week to donate than now as we celebrate James Joyce’s Ulysses, which deals with exactly that tragedy and its lingering effects. Click on the link above. Even a small amount helps. Tell them I sent you!

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I saw the danger, yet I passed along the enchanted way.
— Patrick Kavanagh